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Top 5 mobile phones by manufacturer you can recycle for cash

Top 5 Nokia phones for cash

lei 153.56

lumia 1020

lei 78.68

Lumia 930

lei 64.12


lei 59.74

lumia 1520

lei 50.00

808 Pureview

Top 5 Blackberry phones for cash

lei 11.08

PlayBook 4G 32GB

lei 3.98

PlayBook 16GB

lei 3.96

touch 9900

lei 3.18

PlayBook 32GB

lei 2.87

PlayBook 64GB

Top 5 Samsung phones for cash

lei 257.87

galaxy note 3 lt...

lei 211.17

Galaxy Tab 4 10....

lei 203.67


lei 203.67

galaxy note 10.1...

lei 201.39

Galaxy Note Edge...

Top 5 HTC phones for cash

lei 229.08

one m9

lei 108.78

desire eye

lei 93.98

one m8

lei 62.04


lei 48.13

desire 816

Top 5 Apple phones for cash

lei 257.87

ipad mini 2 16gb...

lei 229.69

ipad mini 3 128g...

lei 229.69

ipad mini 3 16gb...

lei 229.69

ipad mini 3 64gb...

lei 170.62

ipad mini 2 64gb...

What - Sell My Mobile to Buy Back Mobile

Buy Back Mobile is a mobile phone recycling company. It allows everyone to sell mobile phones for the highest prices for cash, Buy Back Mobile buys working and non working mobile phones and will even purchase your broken mobile phones.

Why You Should Recycle Your Mobile Phones

As a Mobile phone recycling company we want people to recycle and trade in their old mobile phones in return for cash. Our goal as a mobile phone recycler is to make sure mobile phones are not just thrown away in the bin ending up in landfills as this is electrical waste and is extremly harmful to the environment.

What Happens - When I Sell My Mobile Phone

Well, Buy Back Mobile will try and repair all broken mobile phones so that they can be re used in emerging markets around the world. The mobile phones that can not be repaired will be manually dismantled and the spare parts will be reused in the repair process of other mobile phones or sometimes other electrical items. Any Metals, plastics or other parts that can not be reused as spare parts will be recycled responsibly.This is just a part of the Buy Back Mobile recycling scheme.

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