How It Works

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to sell 1 or more of your Mobile Phones for cash. It works in 3 easy stages.

1. Select your
    Mobile Phone

Tell us what phone or phones you have that you would like to sell for cash.

If you are unsure of the model of your phone you can give us the IMEI of the phone.

2. We Collect
    Your Mobile

We will send you an authorisation number by e-mail and we will organise to collect your phone the same day by courier completely free of charge. The courier will deliver the phone to our head office the next day. Orders taken before 10am will be collected same day otherwise mobile phones will be collected the following working day.

3. Receive Fast

Once we have received and verified your mobile phone, we make a promise to you that payment will be sent to you using the payment method of your choice the same day.

What is an IMEI?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15 digit serial number unique to each and every phone. You will normally find it printed on the back of the handset behind the battery.

Alternatively you can ask the phone to show you the number by entering into the phone *#06# and the number will be displayed on the screen. A 15 digit number should be displayed 359395001234567. If your handset displays more than 15 digits please use the first 15 digits example 334455-00-123456-9-03 enter 334455001234569.

Payment methods

  1. If you choose a Bank Transfer payment will be made to you within 24 hours and most Romanian banks are able to receive the money the same day
  2. If you choose a Paypal payment the money will arrive into your account within 24 hrs but maybe liable to a charge by paypal
  3. If you choose E-Mandate (electronic remittance or money order) as the payment option we will make a same day payment and the post office will deliver to your home within 48 hours. Please note there is a fixed fee of 11 Lei for this service.

    This service allows the electronic remittance of unlimited amounts of money, in lei, to the addressees at any address within a short period of time (within 24 hours from posting in the urban area and 48 hours in the rural area).

Type in your Mobile Phone Model for a price